Events: To celebrate the opening of the Canny Little Library, on 17th September 2010 there was an evening of  book-browsing and open performances with everybody invited to read out loud from something which had inspired them. It was party time, library-style!

After a ceremonial cutting-of-the ribbon by local legend Jack Grassby, who also donated copies of his books, including The Unfinished Revolution:South Tyneside 1969 – 1976, the readings got underway, with a warm atmosphere and a receptive crowd.
Local author David Dobereiner read a selection from his book The End of the Street: sustainable growth within natural limits, and others contributed a diverse mix of inspiring, intriguing and downright bizarre readings.

The evening combined the individual pleasure of reading something really good with a communal delight of sharing it and we look forward to making it a regular occurence.